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Our company understands your compliance needs

Meeting the ever increasing complexity of compliance is a struggle for businesses. New standards, changing regulations and different codes constantly change the landscape. Meanwhile, new risks emerge every day, putting pressure on your business to respond. We get it.

Compliance Experts is here to help. Our team helps you navigate the daunting world of compliance, delivering a range of solutions that help you protect your most important assets: your brand, your business, your staff and your reputation.

Compliance Experts offers a wealth of real-world experience, earned over more than 25 years in the industry. The professional team of consultants and auditors are industry experts. Using advanced technology software solutions, they are able to deliver the timely insightful expertise and solutions your business needs.

The Compliance Checkpoint software is an easy to use, affordable and scalable compliance solution. It will improve your ability to manage and stay on top of, compliance, regardless of your business or industry. The true benefit is that Compliance Checkpoint software can be installed on-site to protect your sensitive data, or via a Cloud based platform, both options include the tablet app.

Solutions that are scalable and flexible

The reason we’ve been so successful is because we understand that compliance is not a ‘tick box’ exercise. It’s a process, and companies are at various stages.

That’s why we offer flexible packages that meet your specific needs. No more paying for features you don’t use. Get the tools that will deliver real improvements to your workplace at a price to match your budget.

Our professional services fees and subscription packages are priced on a scalable basis, giving you the freedom to choose a solution that suits your business and your goals.

Pioneers. Innovators. Award winners.

Working with Compliance Experts means you’re working with some of the industry’s most acclaimed and highly awarded professionals. For more than a decade we have been the industry frontrunner, developing new technologies and software to deliver real solutions. Our work has been recognised worldwide for pushing into new technological frontiers, creating an end-to-end product that delivers real results for your business.

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Microsoft Asia Pacific
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What our clients say about us

  • Compliance Experts client testimony for Compliance Checkpoint audit management software

  • "At Id8Studios we use the Compliance Checkpoint system to assure product quality prior to shipment by our supply chain partners. The app has automated a very manual process and reduced paperwork by almost half, freeing me up to manage the business more effectively. The development team clearly understand quality compliance and the auditing workflow, and they have built an amazing app. The support team recognised our unique requirements and were willing to customise the solution to meet our needs and add value ways I hadn't even considered. I highly recommend the Compliance Checkpoint app to any business with auditing or quality control requirements."

    Rod e. Reid
    Project Manager

  • Monash-Uni-logo

    On behalf of the Bachelor of Commerce students undertaking 'Introduction to Management' at Monash University, I would like to thank Paul Molenaar and Compliance Experts for generously sharing valuable industry insights throughout 2015. The in-depth knowledge and real-time industry case studies presented by Compliance Experts demonstrated the practical and strategic implications of managerial control theories. As a result, our students have a deeper appreciation of the importance and consequences of audit, risk and compliance management

    Dr Robyn Cochrane
    Lecturer - Department of Management

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