Audit Risk and Compliance Solutions

Overwhelmed with regulation? Not anymore.

Let Compliance Experts take the hassle out of compliance for you. We offer a complete compliance solution that includes consulting, auditing and software to align with your needs, depending on where you are in the compliance process.

A tailored service

When it comes to compliance, you have a number of options, and it’s important you choose the right solution for you. That is why we take the extra step, in the beginning, to understand your specific needs and make sure you get the right solution that will deliver real improvements to your business.

Audit Risk and Compliance Software


Compliance Checkpoint® changes the game. Like a fingerprint, your business is unique. So are your people, products and operations. This is why, with Compliance Checkpoint®, you can configure everything.

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Professional Auditing Services


Our experts have more than 25 years experience across all industries, and are available to help you through the auditing process. Professionally Qualified Auditors independently evaluate your system’s conformance with applicable standards. We can examine all areas of the business, including: processes, organisational structure, systems and services.

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Professional Consulting Services


Improve your business’ efficiency, security and risk exposure by working with one of our consultant to develop the systems and solutions that respond to your needs. Our experts are available to work hand in hand with you to establish where you are in the compliance process, and what your specific needs are.

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There has never been a better time

A recent survey of companies worldwide showed that Australian businesses have more work to do to catch up to their international counterparts when it comes to risk monitoring. According to the results, just 59% of Australian companies have defined key performance indicators or key risk indicators (compared with 63% globally) and of businesses that follow such indicators, only 45% use technology to do so (compared with 61%). Only 7% of company boards in Australia identify and evaluate risk management and business objectives in “real time”, which severely restricts the process’ chance to make a meaningful contribution.

Our Compliance Checkpoint software can change all of that, putting a fast-effective audit risk and compliance management solution at your fingertips.

The time to act is now.

Questionnaires, users and permissions, operating sites, vendors and projects, audit workflow, email alerts and reminders. Do it all with one simple program, and manage it from the palm of your hand with the Compliance Checkpoint® app.

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[1] Ernst & Young Global Governance, risk and compliance survey 2015.

What our clients say about us

  • Compliance Experts client testimony for Compliance Checkpoint audit management software

  • "At Id8Studios we use the Compliance Checkpoint system to assure product quality prior to shipment by our supply chain partners. The app has automated a very manual process and reduced paperwork by almost half, freeing me up to manage the business more effectively. The development team clearly understand quality compliance and the auditing workflow, and they have built an amazing app. The support team recognised our unique requirements and were willing to customise the solution to meet our needs and add value ways I hadn't even considered. I highly recommend the Compliance Checkpoint app to any business with auditing or quality control requirements."

    Rod e. Reid
    Project Manager

  • Monash-Uni-logo

    On behalf of the Bachelor of Commerce students undertaking 'Introduction to Management' at Monash University, I would like to thank Paul Molenaar and Compliance Experts for generously sharing valuable industry insights throughout 2015. The in-depth knowledge and real-time industry case studies presented by Compliance Experts demonstrated the practical and strategic implications of managerial control theories. As a result, our students have a deeper appreciation of the importance and consequences of audit, risk and compliance management

    Dr Robyn Cochrane
    Lecturer - Department of Management

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