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What F1 Racing Can Teach Us About Compliance

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 09-Nov-2017 16:02:08

When a casual observer watches a Formula 1 race, they probably don't think much about anything beyond the experienced and practiced driver handling a very fast car, the best they can. If they do move any further in their analysis, it would be to understand the importance of speed and precision during a seconds-long pit stop.
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A Paradigm Shift in Compliance Thinking

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 28-Sep-2017 14:34:43

A Tale of Two Businesses

Consider the following scenarios. Two retail managers each have a chain of locations they are in charge of, with massive amounts of inventory across each chain. One relies on the store manager at each location to ensure that inventory levels are where they should be. So once per month they get a message from each store manager that essentially says "inventory is still good!", and they leave it at that.

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Compliance Software is a Silver Lining for Your Business

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 14-Sep-2017 07:36:48

There are aspects of running a business that are viewed by most as necessary evils, but they can be turned into positives with a change in our viewpoint. Compliance falls into this category more often than not. The cost of compliance can be counted in money, time and

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How Compliance can Contribute to Exponential Growth

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 25-May-2017 06:43:00

It's no secret that the world is changing very quickly in the modern digital world, and that fact applies to every aspect of our lives, both individually as well as in the business world. That basic concept is the basis of a great new book called Exponential Organisations by Salim Ismail, which describes how two critical aspects of running a business is leading to exponential growth that is drastically shortening the time from launch to wild success: outsourcing and software.

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How a Compliance Process Can Help Manage WHS Procedures

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 13-Apr-2017 07:25:00

Work Health and Safety procedures that are designed to comply with WHS regulations aren't optional. If you have a conscience and care about the health and safety of your employees, then this article is for you.
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Great Auditors Ensure Great Business

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 20-Oct-2016 06:32:00

Compliance problems can bring down a business almost as quickly and completely as the controlled demolition of a building, leaving nothing but rubble and destruction behind. This might sound overly dramatic, but it's essentially true. Compliance regulations come from government, licensing organisations, industry associations, and other bodies which can directly control the way your business operates - and even stop it from operating.

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The Only Constant in Regulatory Compliance is Change

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 15-Sep-2016 07:00:00

Regulatory compliance is an ever-growing and evolving landscape that must be navigated. It's not optional. We don't have the choice to stay in our own space and ignore what's going on throughout that landscape, we have to keep moving through it. 

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6 Tips For Building A Successful Consulting Team

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 01-Sep-2016 07:00:00

For independent auditors and compliance consultants, taking on larger volumes of work can be difficult without the right people and processes to make it work. In a competitive environment, establishing a niche client base that can trust your services is essential.

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The Challenges Facing Peak Bodies And Industry Associations — And How To Solve Them

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 18-Aug-2016 07:00:00


Peak bodies and industry associations are facing ever-changing and demanding compliance responsibilities. New laws, codes and regulations are making the compliance landscape ever more complex. Jurisdictions and mandatory inspection schedules are also increasing, adding pressure on already limited compliance resources. 

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What Regulators Can Learn from Australia’s Ride-Sharing And Compliance Debate

Posted by Paul Molenaar | 04-Aug-2016 07:00:00

With business moving faster than ever in our digital age, disruptive companies and industries are offering consumers new and exciting options that have never been available before. At the same time, they are causing headaches for governments and regulatory bodies since legislation and regulations can't seem to keep up with the speed of the changes. With regulations uncertain, compliance becomes a nebulous situation.

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