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Are you struggling to meet the increasing complexity of compliance and volume of audits, to meet statutory and commercial obligations?

Compliance Checkpoint is a trusted scalable compliance management solution that has cloud and tablet integration, enabling you to manage compliance anywhere in the world.

  • Gain visibility of issues so you can mitigate risk, empowering you to protect your brand, give your customers confidence and keep your workers safe.

  • Confidently manage the growing demand of compliance to ensure you are meeting your commitment to assurance and certification programs, to maintain contracts and win new business.

  • Improve your profit margins with the business intelligence that comes from Checkpoint. We understand the true ROI is the business intelligence gained from your compliance efforts. That is why we created a fully integrated cloud and tablet compliance solution.  Checkpoint allows you to easily manage and report compliance, and gain valuable business intelligence, to improve your bottom line.

  • Have the flexibility to manage audits in the field or at different locations, anywhere in the world, with the tablet capability. Easily manage all your compliance requirements internally and externally across the entire supply chain. 

  • Benefit from the integrated tablet with cloud software, that gives you real time data on a cloud based dashboard.  Consistent reporting no matter who’s conducting the audits means your contractors, vendors and third parties can collaborate globally – and you get instant access to the results.

  • Easily get set up and start using this robust compliance solution. Our team of experts will help you with; set up, configuration, customising reports and provide ongoing training if needed.

Compliance Experts has been a trusted provider of compliance solutions to organisations around the globe for 25 years, offering both technology and consulting services. We’ve worked with leading brands, such as: Coca Cola, Woolworths and Coles. 

In addition to software solutions we also offer consulting services.

Learn more about our professional auditing services here

Learn more about our professional consulting services here.


"At Id8Studios we use the Compliance Checkpoint system to assure product quality prior to shipment by our supply chain partners. The app has automated a very manual process and reduced paperwork by almost half, freeing me up to manage the business more effectively. The development team clearly understand quality compliance and the auditing workflow, and they have built an amazing app. The support team recognised our unique requirements and were willing to customise the solution to meet our needs and add value in ways I hadn't even considered. I highly recommend the Compliance Checkpoint app to any business with auditing or quality control requirements."

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