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Are you struggling to keep up with new laws, ensuring companies are compliant and meeting their regulatory or licensing requirements?

Are you frustrated with trying to manage the increasing complexity of compliance and volume of regulatory inspections?

  • You need a trusted compliance solution that will automate the process and grow with your increasing compliance requirements.
  • Compliance Experts is a government approved organisation with experience in helping the public sector and regulators implement a scalable and trusted compliance solution.

We understand the importance of moving from a manual, time consuming reporting system, to a digital automated solution. We also understand the importance of data security – that is why we created Checkpoint. 

Compliance Checkpoint is a trusted cloud and tablet integrated solution enabling you to automate inspections and reporting.  

This scalable solution will grow with your compliance needs, allowing you to easily manage the ever-increasing demand for inspections and reporting.

The tablet functionality gives you the flexibility to conduct inspections in field and get real time results on the dashboard.

Dashboard reporting gives you the added benefit to quickly see how many inspections have been completed and the results.


In addition to software solutions we also offer consulting services.

Learn more about our professional auditing services here

Learn more about our professional consulting services here


"This new application and its ability to record and report on compliance issues has placed us in a leadership position amongst provincial government departments."

Richard Taylor, Director of Audit and Gaming Compliance, AGCO

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