Preparing for the Emerging Sharing Economy

In this article, we explain how the sharing economy will need a compliance solution for standards and accountability.

– The sharing economy is expected to capture at least 20% of traditional markets in the coming years.
– With assets being consistently shared, meeting standards and tracking accountability will be paramount.
– Our current compliance platform can quickly meet this need.

GDPR Drives Debate Over Prescriptive Versus Outcomes-Based Compliance

With GDPR now in full effect, many companies are scrambling to navigate issues the regulations have created for them, and one question is now being more pointedly discussed by many globally: is prescriptive or performance-based regulation better, specifically where personal data is concerned? The Prescriptive Approach The US and Australia both have a more prescriptive…

Dronesafe Makes Skies Safer in the Age of Drone Technology

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s common knowledge and apparently the natural order of things – technology moves much faster than the rules we set to govern it. Automobiles upset the public at first and caused governments to rethink roads. Airplanes caused governments to address the skies, something they’d never had to do before. Now…